6 Weeks to Success by Paula Engebretson

6 Weeks to Success

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Course Workbook: complete book & broken down by weeks
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Week 1: Overcoming Procrastination and Banishing Overwhelm
Procrastination Overview: Why Do We Do It?
6 mins
Discover Where Your Time is Going
6 mins
How to Get Laser Focused
6 mins
Uncovering Your Motivation
4 mins
Why You Aren't Taking Action
19 mins
Overcoming Perfectionism
7 mins
The "Just Get Started" Approach
5 mins
Week 2: Mapping Our Your Goal
Identifying Your S.M.A.R.T. Goal
5 mins
Establishing a Step-by-Step Plan
3 mins
Creating a Goals Pyramid
6 mins
How to Schedule Your Goal
5 mins
Week 3: Rocking Your Time Management
How to Make the Most of Your Day
6 mins
All Things Time-Blocking
16 mins
Working Through Overwhelm
9 mins
Week 4: How to Establish Good Habits
Understanding the Habit Structure
7 mins
Using Internal and External Motivation for Success
9 mins
The Secret Strategies to Help You Keep Your Good Habits
14 mins
Week 5: How to Banish Distraction and Stay Focused
Taking Massive Action
5 mins
Practicing Single-Tasking
10 mins
The Write-it-Down Method
7 mins
Finding Your Peak Productivity Time
5 mins
Creating Accountability
4 mins
Learning to Say No
10 mins
Week 6: Maintaining Motivation
How to Get Unstuck
14 mins
Remember Your Why
3 mins
Why We Lose Motivation and How to Find it
8 mins