6 Weeks to Success by Paula Engebretson

6 Weeks to Success

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  • Bonus! 60-minute 1:1 coaching call with Paula
  • Bonus! Developing Self Confidence workbook

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  • When you sign up for 6 Weeks to Success, you also get a bonus 60-minute coaching call with Paula 😍.
  • This is a 1:1 coaching session, held via Zoom, where we talk through any obstacles you're up against as you work toward your goal.
  • You can use the session at the beginning, middle, or end of the course - whenever you need an additional boost of motivation, greater clarity, or more direction to move forward.
  • 1:1 Coaching is a truly transformational experience. And you get an entire 60 minute session (a $200 value) included with 6 Weeks to Success. Yes, please!

Bonus: Developing Self Confidence Workbook

Often one of the biggest challenges holding us back from going “all in” on our goals is a lack of confidence.

We think of a new goal that completely lights us up, but then the second guessing and imposter syndrome sets in. In turn, we start playing small.

If this has ever happened to you, then you know how discouraging it feels; that’s where this bonus Self Confidence Workbook comes in.

In this 21-page workbook, you'll find exercises, prompts, and strategies, to get you believing in your ideas, valuing your own opinions, and finding the courage to take action on your dreams.


6 Weeks to Success changed the way I approach my most important goals in life. Paula’s weekly support and motivation provided me with tools to stay focused, prioritize my time wisely, create impactful daily habits and – most importantly – helped remove emotional roadblocks holding me back from making my goals a reality.
Yolanda Ridley
I recommend 6 Weeks to Success to anyone who is seeking motivation, focus, and the desire to accomplish all your goals. Before I started this course, I experienced depression over a recent job loss due to my company’s financial struggles. Then this course came along and it was the motivation I needed to make things happen.
Carol Blake Sessums
When I started 6 Weeks to Success, I wanted to get the ball rolling on my course creation. I had done research and busy work, but I was stalling on actually creating the thing. Taking the course made me hone in on what I needed to do and actually do it. I managed to get everything done on my course and I love how it turned out! 
Rachel Melissa

6 Weeks to Success Schedule

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Course Workbooks
Week 1: 6 Weeks to Success.pdf
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Week 2: 6 Weeks to Success.pdf
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Week 3: 6 Weeks to Success.pdf
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Week 4: 6 Weeks to Success.pdf
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Week 5: 6 Weeks to Success.pdf
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Developing Self-Confidence Workbook Bonus
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Week 1: Overcoming Procrastination and Banishing Overwhelm
Procrastination Overview: Why Do We Do It?
6 mins
Discover Where Your Time is Going
6 mins
How to Get Laser Focused
6 mins
Uncovering Your Motivation
4 mins
Why You Aren't Taking Action
19 mins
Overcoming Perfectionism
7 mins
The "Just Get Started" Approach
5 mins
Week 2: Mapping Our Your Goal
Identifying Your S.M.A.R.T. Goal
5 mins
Establishing a Step-by-Step Plan
3 mins
Creating a Goals Pyramid
6 mins
How to Schedule Your Goal
5 mins
Week 3: Rocking Your Time Management
How to Make the Most of Your Day
6 mins
All Things Time-Blocking
16 mins
Working Through Overwhelm
9 mins
Week 4: How to Establish Good Habits
Understanding the Habit Structure
7 mins
Using Internal and External Motivation for Success
9 mins
The Secret Strategies to Help You Keep Your Good Habits
14 mins
Week 5: How to Banish Distraction and Stay Focused
Taking Massive Action
5 mins
Practicing Single-Tasking
10 mins
The Write-it-Down Method
7 mins
Finding Your Peak Productivity Time
5 mins
Creating Accountability
4 mins
Learning to Say No
10 mins
Week 6: Maintaining Motivation
How to Get Unstuck
14 mins
Remember Your Why
3 mins
Why We Lose Motivation and How to Find it
8 mins